Considerations for the Planning and Use of Industrial Steel Storage Racks



Material Handling Industry (MHI), is a group of manufacturers whose storage and material handling equipment provide over $154 billion to the supply chain industry annually. This includes racks, conveyors, AS/RS, AGVs, lift hoists and warehouse management systems to name a few.

The Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) is a sub-association of the MHI, and is an international member association of storage equipment manufacturers that oversees the engineering, manufacturing, and installation guidelines for the pallet rack industry to ensure safer work environments and maintain high standards for rack manufacturers. RMI is a multi-billion dollar manufacturing association whose members supply distribution and warehousing companies with various pallet racks, cantilever racks, pick module systems and rack decking.

Centrix’s current CEO, Jeff Andrews, is the past President of The Rack Manufacturers Institute and helped co-write The Rack Manufactures Institute’s “Guidelines for Rack Repair & Remediation.” He has also been a featured industry speaker at both PROMAT and MODEX Conference Expos. His presentations regarding rack and warehouse design considerations have helped introduce show participants to the latest racking technologies and how to evaluate the best capital investments for their projects.

MODEX and ProMat are North and South America’s largest showcases of material handling, supply chain and logistics solutions. The show is designed to offer productivity solutions and information by showcasing the products and services of over 900 leading material handling and logistics providers.