Rack Installation

Equipment & Rack System Integration

From basic selective rack installation to complex systems incorporating, pick modules, conveyance, sortation, controls, rack and rack supported buildings, Centrix’s nationwide network of experienced installation teams provides reliable, fast, and expert installation.

We currently have over 100+ experienced rack installers nationwide from our nationwide network of experienced installation teams with regional crews ready to tackle any size pallet rack system. We’ve worked on small to large (multi-million dollar) systems where reliability and dependability have earned us as one of the most trusted partners in the industry.

In addition to rack installation, we can also install various rack accessories such as decking, rack protection, rack flue stops, safety netting, mesh partitions, etc. Our ability to modify products on-site so they fit right lets us customize to your facilities specific needs.

Teams are lead by experienced installation coordinators who can assume a wide range of responsibilities that include:

  • Contractor selection and orders
  • Negotiating and approving contractor extras
  • Reviewing and approving supplier invoices
  • Materials audits
  • Outside procurement of components

Project managers provide a clear scope of the project along with timelines and let you know exactly what we need in order to get our work finished safely and quickly. Whether it’s a simple selective rack job for a 10,000 sqft warehouse or complex pick module system in a 2,000,000 sqft distribution center, we can do it all.


Rack Installation Guidelines:

  • Crews must have at least 10 years of experience installing all types of complex rack systems.
  • Every installation team should be experienced, insured, professional, courteous, efficient, clean, and safety-minded.
  • Every installer is required to work under OSHA regulations.
  • Uniforms, harnesses, steel-toed boots, hard hats, eye protection must be worn.
  • Rack installers must clean up after themselves in order to not disrupt the ongoing business
  • Work within the business’s constraints, needs, and schedules.
  • Create an efficient and time-saving plan
  • Properly shim and anchor the racking system per installation plans to guarantee that the system is plumb and square.
  • Install the system per the permitted plan stamped by the city
  • When the product arrives, count all components as per the bill of materials to make there is nothing damaged or missing and notify the project manager so that the job can be completed on time and on budget.
  • Pull permits if required.

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