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Are you looking to add pallet racking to your warehouse facility and need a quick quote? Centrix can create you a quick estimation or quote for any style of pallet racking we offer. We offer a wide selection of racking storage products that suit any budget for any sized warehouse. Whether you’re looking for most storage capacity, better user functionality or lowest cost, we have every racking option you can think of. In our initial meeting, we’ll sit down with you to learn more about your companies specific needs and formulate a plan to maximize your warehouse space.


All-In-One Pricing Quote

Our estimating team creates a bill of materials with all the necessary components. Once completed, a proposal is put together including:

  • Material Prices
  • Estimated Freight
  • Installation Labor
  • Professional Engineering Stamps and Calculations
  • Plan Check and Permit Fees
  • Project Management Fees
  • Taxes

Engineered stamped drawings are provided in regions where necessary (additional drawings can be provided when required by local fire and building permit officials).

Archived Project Drawings

Electronic copies of the project drawings are archived for future reference. If you have questions or need fixes, we are able to respond quickly with information about the existing layout and capital equipment including:

  • Fire alarms systems, smoke detection systems, smoke and heat venting systems
  • Exiting review and travel distances, exit locations, exit signage requirements
  • Stairway locations for multilevel pick modules and catwalk systems.
  • Aisle widths, egress path illumination
  • Accessibility to physically disabled
  • Lighting system review


Additional Services 

  • Meeting with building and fire department officials
  • Meeting with project team
  • Development of bid documents for sprinkler systems, alarms
  • Development of fire protection plan and reports
  • Professional drawings
  • Review sprinkler bids

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