Cantilever Racks

Storage for Lengthy Objects or Furniture

A Cantilever racking system is perfect for storing long and over sized products at your warehouse facility. The ability to add decking to cantilever racks makes for a versatile storage setup and allows you to easily store furniture, boxes, and any other products when the arms are not in use. Add decking to cantilever rack to use as “furniture rack” or to have additional storage of smaller products when some arms are not in use. Our standard cantilever rack design is made with structural steel racking for long lasting life indoor or outdoor.

  • Structural Steel
  • Fully bolted arms for quick and easy modifications (when approved by Professional Engineer)
  • Free standing single or double sided structure
  • Arm Lengths: 24”- 72” long per shelf level
  • Light duty or Heavy duty arms depending on load capacity
  • Up to 40’ in height
  • Can be adapted to use wire decking, plywood platforms or other specialized steel decking
  • High-quality, corrosion resistant columns, brace sets and arms that result in an exceptionally sturdy racking system
  • Unobstructed storage design allows for easy frontal access to objects despite their bulky size and shape
  • Optional shed design offers roof overhead as part of the structure to protect the product when installed outdoors

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