Go Vertical - Add More Offices or Storage Space

Mezzanines provide warehouse or manufacturing facilities extra work space and storage by utilizing wasted air space. A warehouse mezzanine often doubles or even triples the amount of useful space in warehouses and can eliminate the need to move or expand your existing building.

  • Freestanding mezzanine or rack supported mezzanines are available
  • Structural steel – maximum strength and rigidity
  • Custom freestanding mezzanines with wide-span column placement
  • Rack supported mezzanines offer shelf storage above and/or below
  • Product lifts or conveyors may be integrated to allow movement between levels
  • Utilizes wasted space overhead
  • Increase cubic storage or office space
  • Can be considered as capital equipment – may qualify for tax advantages
  • Can be reconfigured and/or expanded at a later date
  • Easy installation
  • Custom designs fit any existing warehouse layout and budget
  • Compatible with a variety of shelving or storage systems
  • Stairways will be required
  • Additional car parking spaces may be required depending on city requirements
  • Floor-slab loading should be considered
  • Footings may be required
  • When designing a Mezzanine, it is important to consider the access-ways, work systems, products, and handling methods in order to plan accurately.

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