Mobile Pallet Rack

Moving Pallet Racks for Ultimate Selectivity

Mobile pallet rack systems are a great way to increase storage capacity using basic automation and minimal investment. The rack moves in a lateral direction on rails, allowing access to each pallet when operator requests access. These systems are simple and easy to use and can be utilized for small or large facilities. Eliminating a number of aisles allows mobile pallet rack systems 20% higher storage capacity compared to selective pallet rack systems of the same space.

  • Simple aisle control with control button on each upright
  • Aisle locking function
  • Racks move laterally on rails installed in the floor
  • Warning lights and buzzer for safety purposes
  • Emergency shut off
  • Rack distance sensor, safety sensor and bumper for each section
  • Max Speed: 10m/min
  • Access to all pallets
  • Eliminate aisles – Efficient use of space
  • 2 to 2.5 times more storage than selective rack
  • WMS and ERP integration
  • Advantages for cold storage
  • Time – Racks need to be moved to be accessed
  • Rails need to be installed first for rack to move on, this means facility floors must be clear for rail installation

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