Pallet Shuttle

In-Rack Storage & Retrieval Shuttle

Our semi-automated pallet shuttle storage and retrieval system is great for retrieving or loading pallets within the rack structure. After a shuttle is placed on a rail system in the desired lane by a fork truck, a controller will enable the shuttle to begin loading or unloading pallets. Using our software and sensors to analyze the density, the shuttle system moves pallets to the deepest available location possible and keeps track of inventory within the structure. Once loading or unloading is completed, simply pick up the pallet shuttle, place it in another lane and repeat the process.

  • Hold up to 5,000lbs weight
  • High grade sensors – detect occupied pallet positions
  • Shuttle can be loaded using a forklift or hydraulic lift
  • Quicker loading & unloading times
  • Less risk of accidents – fork truck damaging rack
  • Deep lane storage (+30 pallet positions each lane)
  • Eliminates aisles in warehouses
  • Increased number of SKUs in each row of rack
  • Height between levels is minimized due to added height of shuttle
  • Battery operated – back up batteries are recommended to reduce lead time
  • Shuttle need to be moved from lane to lane by fork truck
  • Consider purchasing more shuttles in order to expedite the loading and unloading in multiple lanes as demand grows

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