Pick Module Rack System

Hybrid Pallet Rack System for Maximum Product Flow

Pick module storage systems are multi-level work platforms that utilize pallet flow, carton flow, selective and push back rack which feed into a central pick aisle to optimize product flow in picking operations. In these flow through concept systems, product is moved from pallet racks to the pallet flow or carton flow racks. Once they are broken down into cases or cartons, they are picked, processed and prepared for shipment. These high throughput, high volume systems, typically include conveyor systems within the rack structure to accelerate the order fulfillment process. Replenishing SKUs is performed with fork lifts on the outside aisles of the rack structure and uses gravity to ensure the picking faces are stocked.

  • Available in roll formed or structural steel
  • Incorporates combination of pallet flow, carton flow and shelving for pick, pack and ship operations
  • Multiple stacked levels for pick operations
  • Optimize product flow
  • High throughput order fulfillment
  • Improved warehouse organization & efficiency
  • Maximize warehouse space
  • Separate loading and picking aisles allow safer movement between fork lifts and employees
  • SKU replenishment does not interfere with operator picking
  • Lower fulfillment costs
  • Integrates all phases of distribution
  • Various flooring types available
  • Multi-level platforms require stairways and adequate egress
  • Require empty box removal usually on trash conveyors
  • Needs reverse flow lanes for empty pallets
  • Grating recommended under pallet flow for safety

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